Top Tips for a Better Work Environment

23 March 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Working in a creative industry means that we need to keep our employees stimulated within our office. A successful company relies on happy employees, which is why we invest a lot of resources into making sure that whilst at work, our colleagues know that they are one of our top priorities.

It can be difficult to pin point what makes a happy office, which is why we have selected out top 3 tips for making your office an engaging environment for your employees.

Hire the right staff.
The kind of people that you decide to employ contribute to your work environment through the work they carry out, but also through their outlook and personality. By hiring people who are professional, work well in a team and who can contribute to a positive work environment, you are making sure that the general mood of the office is positive. Remember, one negative employee can bring the whole office moral down.

Make sure your office is clean and well decorated.
Working in a clean, attractive environment can have huge benefits for your employees. By keeping the office clutter free and decorated effectively, you can help to maintain a positive moral. Even if you do not get much natural sunshine in, keep the walls painted in bright, neutral tones, and utilise additional lighting. Be sure to have comfy seating as well as the standard desks and chairs, this gives employees an area to relax in before heading back to work, increasing productivity.

Eat together.
One easy and free way to encourage great relationships between colleagues is to suggest dedicating one such hour a week to eating together and having a chat. To make this more of an event, you could buy in a few pizzas, or head out to a restaurant. However it is not what you eat that is important, but who you eat with. Giving your employees the chance to bond without the pressures of work is a great way to build lasting office relationships.

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