How to Use Local SEO to Increase Your Online Reach

How to Use Local SEO to Increase Your Online Reach

18/07/16 | Chloe Mayo

If you read our blog post about Google’s algorithms, then you know that just about everything you do on your website is monitored and tracked, adding or taking away from your website’s online authority. Since the release of Google’s Pigeon algorithm in July 2014, the emphasis on local search engine optimisation has been growing, with its benefits becoming more and more noticeable over time. Optimising your website for local SEO requires slightly different techniques to optimising on a national scale, however by specifying your target audience in target areas, you are more likely to find high quality, returning customers.

Local onsite SEO is carried out in a similar way to standard SEO; however instead of focusing purely on keywords, you optimise your text for both specific keywords and areas. For example, as a Digital Marketing company in Northampton, we focus on industry specific keywords and areas. Look at the difference between our search engine results positions when we search for the keyword ‘conversion rate optimisation’ with and without the area ‘Northampton’.


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Without the area specification, our business has to compete not only with other industry leading companies, but also Wikipedia pages and online magazines that discuss the topic. However, as soon as we add an area to the search, our business comes up in both the first and second organic search result positions. Even if you business works on a national scale like us, it is still possible to target specific areas, you just have to be ready to work hard.


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In this blog post, we have collated five ways for you to begin optimising your website for local SEO. From on site tips and tricks, to ways to gain local backlinks, we aim to help get you off to the right start. Don’t forget you can contact our digital marketing team here at Active Internet Marketing (UK) for more help and advice.

Find Local Partnerships with Digital Attributes
Local sponsorships offer reach that you can’t get through standard ad networks.You are appealing to an already loyal audience, who are far more likely to respond to recommendations from someone they trust than a well placed ad. Keep a lookout in local papers and online newsletters for local festivals, sporting events, parades, and markets that your company can sponsor. The benefits are far more than getting your logo featured on the local football team’s shirts. Local sponsorship often leads to social media mentions, mentions of your website or links to your website from local events sources, and email newsletter mentions.In many cases, you don’t even have to attend the event, however you will probably gain more from the experience if you do. It could also be an excellent networking opportunity to find out about more upcoming local events that your company could work with.

Engage Local Bloggers
On the contrary to popular opinion, blogger engagement success does not always depend on product reviews and sponsored posts. Bloggers’ audiences tend to be loyal and returning, which means if you can find someone local who blogs on an area that fits with your business, then working with them to gain exposure could benefit you greatly. Consider inviting them along to events with you, asking them to then write up the experience for their blog. Interacting with bloggers is a fantastic way to gain local links to your website and to get social media mentions, both of which will increase your online authority and aid your local growth.

Develop a Region-Specific Brand Story
If you were established in a certain area, or have multiple branches in areas you want to rank for, then creating region specific landing pages is a great way to reach out to people in these areas. By creating area specific pages that rank for particular keywords and locations, you are catering to the needs of those who are searching for local businesses, as well as ranking on a wider scale. Edit your story so that it is relevant for the area you are discussing. Your business may have been established in London, but your Kent customers want to know why to set up a branch in the south-east.

Interview Local Influencers for Relevant Roundup Posts on Your Own Blog
Talk to bloggers about their current local needs that you product or service fills. If you’re a sandwich shop ask about their lunch options in the area, if you’re a food delivery service ask about the importance of prompt delivery and full nutritional disclosure. Not only will you find out about local tips and competition, but you will also meet new influencers and add regionally relevant content to your site.

Donate a Percentage of Local Profit to Local Nonprofits and Charities
Consider working with a local charity to boost your local SEO. Whilst it is incredibly generous to donate to a charity, it is also a great way to add personality to your business. You will come across as a business who cares about its local area, and that kind of publicity is priceless. Additionally, whilst the organisation you are helping may not be in a position to purchase your services, people who care about the charity might be. Local charities often have a list of companies on their website who regularly donate to them, as well as mentioning them on social media, which is always welcome.

Overall, there are many ways to boost your local SEO, as well as helping you to play a bigger part in your community. If you would like to discuss your local SEO needs with a member of our dedicated SEO team, then do not hesitate to get in touch. You can fill out our online contact form, or give us a call on 01604 765796. We look forward to hearing from you.