Is My Website Built For SEO?

Is My Website Built For SEO?

20/09/21 | Alex Leadbitter

When your business is in the process of building a new website, it can be an exciting chance to give your online presence a revamp. A new website can present a whole new look for your brand, whether that be introducing a new colour scheme, a new logo, or just simply presenting your business in a fresh way to your customers and clients. However, one of the things that you have to be aware of is whether your website has been built so that your company’s SEO rankings are maximised.

There are a number of different ways that you can make sure that your new website has been built so that it ranks well on search engines, making it easier for your business to attract new clientele. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best ways in which you can be sure that your new website has been built so that it can work to boost your business’ online profile and drive more customers in your direction at the same time. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can built your website so that it will be successful in boosting your SEO rankings.

Work With Your SEO Team

The first way in which you can make sure that your website is optimised for the search engine rankings may not be technical, but can definitely be one of the most important factors in achieving optimum SEO on your website. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, creating a new website can be exciting for a variety of reasons, but it is key that you do not get carried away and forget about what will make your website the most accessible for your prospective customers. The SEO team you have at hand will be experienced professionals and will be able give you advice and guide you to make the best decisions in terms of what will and won’t work best for SEO.

It is vital that you involve your SEO team from the outset of website build, because the sooner the team can provide you and your development team with details about SEO improvement, the quicker the new website can be finalised and published. Liaising with your SEO team early on means that you will avoid the possibility of making a good amount of progress with the website construction, only to have to remodel or rewrite content to make sure that the Google SEO algorithms are appeased. After all, what use is a website that looks amazing, but because of low search engine rankings, barely anyone gets to see it.

Crawling and Accessibility 

Building a website that can easily be crawled is one of the most important parts of building a new website, as this is what dictates how easy it is for a search engine to ‘crawl’ your site. When a search engine crawls your website, it is determining what it is your website does and where you company operates. This is important because the location of your business affects how highly the website will show up on the search results of different locations. To make your website easily indexable it is a good idea to make the majority of the content text based as opposed to video or images. Text is the easiest way for a search engine to understand what your business is all about and rank it accordingly. This is not to say that images and videos do not help SEO, but text is far more effective.

Another way of doing this is to create and maintain your website’s own internal link structure. All of the different pages on your site can act as branches, all linking to the specific service or area pages that you want your customers to find the most. Utilising a sitemap will give a search engine a clear indication of the pages that it needs to find and crawl, making those pages more likely to be ranked higher. An internal link structure can also be enhanced with the use of relevant blogs and news pieces that not only inform your audience but also link to service pages, showing Google which URLs are the most important.

Mobile Friendly Design

Although the majority of your website’s conversions may come from desktops, mobile devices are actually more likely to be the way that your customers initially find you. As the Google algorithms become more and more updated, having a mobile friendly website has now become a vital part of gaining SEO rankings. You will need to make sure that yout website is built with a responsive web design, which means that your website can be easily used by multiple devices no matter the size of the screen.

SEO rankings now take into account user experience, so if your website is detected to be difficult to navigate on a mobile phone, it can have a drastically negative impact on how your site is ranked. This can be affected by how responsive your website is, but also factors such as loading times, how the site is to interact with, and visual stability. As the Google algorithms develop and mobile experience becomes more of a prominent factor, it is becoming essential that your new website is built with mobile friendliness in mind.

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