Should My Business Be On Social Media?

Should My Business Be On Social Media?

26/10/21 | Alex Stockton

Social media can be an extremely useful tool to use for growing your business and improving current customer relations. Social media may seem like it is only targeted towards a certain audience, and while it is true that there is a certain age group who use it the most, you may be surprised about just how far-reaching social media posts and campaigns can become. But, is social media suitable for all kinds of businesses?

In this blog, we are going to explore how social media can benefit your company and the impact it could potentially have on your business. As a business, you may be firing on all cylinders with other aspects of your business but are looking to expand your client base even further. Utilising social media properly can be a great way to achieve this goal, along with other advantages which we will now look into.

Increase Brand Awareness

As mentioned in the introduction, using social media can be a great way of expanding your clientele and increasing your brand awareness overall. Having a good social media presence, gaining more followers, comments and shares, will all do wonders to make your company more relevant, promoting your brand to more people. With over half of the world’s entire population are using Facebook, as well as millions using Twitter and Instagram, the number of people that your brand could potentially be exposed to is incredible. If even a small percentage of those people choose to take up your business, your company will see a massive increase in sales conversions.

Not only can social media make your company more visible to a wider general audience, but it can also be used to increase brand awareness within specific sectors and demographics. You can choose to partner up with influencers, social media users who have a large following, and offer them incentives to promote your product. Different influencers will be followed by different audiences, so partnering up with certain influencers will mean your brand is exposed to a certain group of people that you know are likely to be interested in a product similar to yours. Exposing your business to a wide audience is great, but making a certain group of people aware of your business who are likely to make a purchase is perhaps even better.

Communication With Customers

Another way in which social media can improve your business is by growing a relationship with your customers and clients. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram give users the chance to comment and share their views on specific posts. This means that you could post a promotion for a new product and get instant feedback about how they feel about it and even suggestions as to how to improve it. Of course, it is not realistic to alter your product or service based on everyone’s comments, however, if you show signs of improvement based off some key suggestions, that will show that your company cares about its customers’ opinions. 

Using social media to increase the level of communication your company has with its customers is also a great way of humanising your business and gives you a chance to become more endearing to your customers. The more your company is able to communicate with your customers, the more they will appreciate the customer service you provide. In turn, this will lead to your business having a loyal and returning client base. This will also give prospective customers, who haven’t yet used your products or services, the chance to see how you positively interact with current service users. If potential clients see how you connect with your audience, it is a fantastic way to impress future customers.

Bring Traffic To Your Website

When creating a website for your business, your priority will be to try and drive as many people towards it as possible, and utilising social media is a great way of driving traffic. Social media campaigns can do really well for bringing more people to your website. Campaigns where you use tactics such as giveaways, experiences or discounts based on your customers’ interaction with your website, or providing their details which you can use in a CRM system, can all work well to attract website visitors.

We’ve already established previously in this blog that the potential reach you get from social media is astronomical, so if you are able to harness that in order to bring people to your site, that can mean big business for your company. Social media gives you the chance to be really creative in how you promote your company. Gaining more of an understanding of your audience and what works on social media, in general, is a learning process that can be hugely beneficial for your business. Really successful campaigns can even go viral, achieving a level of reach that goes beyond a simple marketing strategy.

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