How to Increase Website Engagement

How to Increase Website Engagement

29/04/22 | Alex Stockton

When you create a website for your business, your main goal will be to attract as many visitors as you can to the site with the aim of those visitors turning into customers. It is one thing to be able to get new people onto your website, but how do you get those people to stay on the site and fully take in the content and products?

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways in which you can improve your website engagement, presenting your business and its products in a captivating way and encouraging prospective customers to continue exploring your site.

Improve Link Structure

A good tip to get visitors clicking around your website is to make sure that your content features plenty of internal links. Improving the link structure of your website will improve the engagement as visitors will be more inclined to click around and view various pages instead of just one. 

A more obvious thing to mention, that actually catches quite a few people out, is to make sure that all of the links on your website work! As a visitor to a website, if I click on a link and it leads to an irrelevant or 404 error page, I am more inclined to leave the website and search somewhere else. Correct link building helps build trust with your potential customers, increasing engagement and making them more likely to purchase from your business. 

Include Varying Content Types

If you want to keep visitors to your website engaged and entertained, it is a good idea to provide them with different styles of content. At a certain point, it does not matter how well a piece of text has been written, if a visitor to your website is just faced with a block of text, then it will not be long until they will want to avert their attention somewhere else.

As well as including long-form text such as blogs, you should also include other forms of media content such as pictures and videos. Even alternative forms of written content such as a frequently asked questions section or utilising tables and bullet points can work well. Any way that you can give the viewer something fresh and interesting to look at will lead to them engaging more with your website.

Internal Search Engine

One reason for someone leaving your website is that they are not able to find the exact information or product that they are looking for. Often, visitors will head straight back to Google and try their luck on another site. By implementing a search bar tool into your website, you will give visitors the opportunity to click around your site and find exactly what they are looking for.

Using an internal search engine will allow prospective customers to search for specific products or information within the confines of your website. This not only means that the visitors are engaging with a feature on your website, but also that they are more likely to stick around and view your site for longer. 

Call To Action

A call to action (CTA) is a term used in marketing for any content that prompts an immediate response. This can be done by letting website visitors know that if you refer any further information that there is a number they can call or some kind of online form they can fill out to get in touch with a member of your team.

Including a CTA at the bottom of your web pages encourages visitors to not only interact with your website but also get in contact with your business. This then promotes more sales and more general interest in your products. Having a visitor be willing to enter their phone number or email address shows that they trust your company and that they are willing to be contacted by you in the future. 

Encourage Comments and Discussion

If you are able to get visitors to your website commenting on posts and having discussions about your products, that can be a great way of growing engagement. It is a good idea to create a space where visitors are easily able to openly interact with your company and other customers. 

It is always good to ensure that website visitors have a voice. The more customers are able to discuss key points made in a blog or interesting information displayed on a service page, the more likely they are to remain interested in future content your website produces. From comments under website content to social media shares, this engagement can be a great way of bringing more eyes to your website.

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