How SEO Leads to More Website Traffic

How SEO Leads to More Website Traffic

01/02/22 | Alex Stockton

With any business, the point of having your own website is to create a hub of information about your company, leading to more sales and conversions. Of course, the key to having a successful website is to ensure that old and new customers are regularly visiting the site. The more traffic your website gets, the more likely your business is to receive more conversions, so how do we maximise traffic?

While there are a wide variety of factors that can influence how much traffic, today we are going to focus on how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specifically can help boost visitors to your website. Within the digital marketing industry, different companies will have varying opinions and mindsets when it comes to deciding how best to bring in more visitors to a website, however one thing that is widely agreed on is the power of SEO.

While Active Internet Marketing (UK) covers all facets of digital marketing, at the core of what we do is creating SEO content. So with that in mind, let’s explore how and why SEO can drive more prospective customers onto your website.

Increased Organic Traffic

Perhaps the most obvious way in which implementing good SEO tactics will increase website traffic is that it will push your site further up in the Google rankings. Unless people have directly heard of your company, it can be very difficult for new potential customers to discover your website unless it appears on the first page of Google’s search engine results. It is not often at all that a prospective service user will search on the second page of Google, so gaining that first-page ranking can be vital to your website’s success.

A major factor of gaining new visitors to your website is to make sure that it is easily findable through organic searches, as opposed to direct traffic. The difference between the two types of traffic is that direct traffic comes from someone directly typing in the URL of your website in a search engine, while organic traffic is generated from someone clicking through to your site from a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

While a good percentage of your website’s traffic happening directly can mean your site and company has a great level of brand awareness, high amounts of organic traffic will mean new customers can easily find your site and can be evidence that the SEO tactics are working well.

Targeting Locations

Utilising SEO will give your business the opportunity to target specific locations as well as on a national, and even international, scale. If your business operates on more of a local scale, being able to effectively target locations can vastly increase your chances of your company’s website being viewed by those who are most likely to pursue the service you are providing. Good implementation of SEO strategy leading to a position one ranking in specific areas can mean that your business leads the way for whatever service you are providing in that location. 

Taking the time to figure out the scope of your business and how far your services can reach, whether ultra-local or nationwide, can be very important in executing a successful SEO strategy. Once you have a clear understanding of the locations you wish to target and which services you are providing, that supplies an SEO team with plenty of ammunition to create tailored content for your company. 

Keyword Research 

Much like SEO strategies can be constructed to target specific locations, keywords can also be targeted to the same effect. As previously mentioned, it is important to take the time to pinpoint which services your business provides will attract ideal customers. Once these services are targeted, a professional SEO team will be able to create both content on the face of the website and within the meta data to push these services.

Keyword research is a huge part of creating an SEO process that will benefit specific businesses the most. The point of keyword research is to explore various options for which terms will be searched for the most, yielding the best results possible. The trick is to combine keyword research with location targeting, hitting both parts effectively. This will mean that prospective customers who are searching Google for specific services in specific places will find your website at the forefront of the SERPs. 

For example, if your company sells home security solutions in Birmingham and your website shows up first when someone Googles “burglar alarms Birmingham”, you are likely to receive a good amount of traffic when compared to those who are positioned further down on the SERPs.

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