Paid Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media can be extremely powerful for businesses, if it’s used in the right way. Understanding the difference between paid and organic social advertising is essential, and here at Active Internet Marketing (UK) we’re experts in both.

Handy, right?

You can read more about our organic social campaigns on our dedicated social media page, while we’re focusing here on paid social media advertising.

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Why invest in paid social media ads?


There are a number of benefits to paid social advertising:

  • Get your message across quickly, and to a wider audience
  • Push time-sensitive events or offers
  • Out-bid your competitors and instantly increase your reach

Clearly, spending more money on social ads is going to increase your business’ (or posts’) reach.

The key is understanding which demographics to target, and which messages to put in front of them. Which fonts, colours, and headings will work best? How long should the ads run for? What should the CTA (call to action) be? 

Arriving at the right answers to these questions requires knowledge and experience, and we’ve got that in abundance.


Why Active Internet Marketing (UK)?

We will tailor our strategy and solutions to your own business goals. Whether you want to increase sales or bolster your brand awareness in certain locations, we’ll be able to suggest tailored marketing goals that will help you get where you want to be. 

Based just off Junction 15 of the M1 near Northampton, we offer bespoke social media campaigns for companies all over the UK. Simply fill out one of our online contact forms to get in touch with our team, or call us on 01604 765 796 to get through to our office right away. 



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