Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Why Responsive Web Design is Important

16/02/16 | Rebecca Dudley

Having a responsive web design for your website is more important than ever in today’s era, with users constantly accessing websites on their smartphones and tablets. A responsive web design allows a website to be viewed effectively from any device on high functionality, by adjusting to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. We have provided a useful guide to understand why businesses should incorporate a responsive web design to their website and the benefits they can reap out of it.


1. Satisfying User Experience


Having a responsive web design on all devices allows your user to have a fulfilling and satisfying experience, by making their lives easier. It offers better navigation and ease of reading for users, with the text and images being positioned in the right place. Satisfied customers can help drive traffic and returning customers to your website, which can then drive purchases and sales.


2. It is Cost Effective


Although the process of building a responsive web design takes time to implement; it is worthwhile for the long-term. It also offers a unified approach, since management, upgrades and support can be found and conducted all in one place. As a result, this will save time and money for your business in the long-term, therefore investing in responsive web design is a smart decision.


3. It Increase Conversion Rates


A consistent and organised website for the user is likely to provide them satisfaction with their experience, regardless of the type of platform they are using. As a result, this satisfaction can lead to higher conversion rates where users are likely to return to your website again and again due to the reliability of website consistency. Furthermore, this also gives your business a competitive advantage over other rivals, because you are attracting returning customers.


4. Improved Search Engine Rankings


By having a responsive web design, it allows your website to become more user-friendly on search engines. As a result, your website is more likely to be ranked higher on search engine pages on mobile and tablet devices.


5. Better Future


By having a current responsive web design, it will allow your business to have a more secure and reliable chance of incorporating newer devices and screens in the long-term. Responsive web design will be more capable to meet the changes in these new designs.