Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), our in house web video team offers bespoke services to our customers, drawing up ideas from scratch to give you an innovative and engaging web video. Our creative approach helps to expand your brand, communicating your message to your audience with outstanding clarity.






Before and

Time Lapse


Whether you are considering a location shoot, a before and after video, or a fully animated web video, we have the skills to turn a few initial sketches into an eye-catching masterpiece. We have developed videos for globally recognised brands which have been viewed by thousands upon thousands of people, honing in our skills to ensure that we represent your company impeccably.

Each type of web video we offer has a specific benefit; presenter videos are informative and engaging, location shoots show your customers how your business works, customer testimonials create faith in your brand – but they all have the benefit of delivering your message in the quickest way with the highest impact.

Your Voice

Our bespoke service means that whatever message you want to send out, we can tailor your web video to represent you accurately and effectively. We have a wide selection of equipment to make your video as engaging as possible, working with you from the conception of your idea right through to post-production to ensure that you are happy with the results.

We also offer photography packages. Our expert photographers bring with them broad shooting experience. From food to interior design, location shooting to hotels, we provide you with stunning images that always capture your best side.

Cutting Edge Equipment

We have access to a wide range of professional equipment. From cameras, lighting, and post-production technology, we promise to produce all of our web videos to a state-of-the-art standard. We believe every business, from startups to corporate enterprises, should have access to beautiful, high-quality video. This is why we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market for your entire visual strategy. This includes both video and website photography.

We produce web videos for companies up and down the country, and are always happy to visit you for a free consultation to discuss how a web video could transform your website. We promise to increase your reach, and turn visitors into clients through engaging, entertaining, and shareable web video.

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