How To Get More Website Views

How To Get More Website Views

14/06/23 | Claire Coleman

Are you wondering why you aren’t getting any website views? We are sorry to say that in this ever-evolving and fiercely competitive digital landscape, merely having a website is simply not enough to ensure success. There are millions of websites that are constantly trying to catch potential customers’ attention and you are only one of them. So how can you make your website stand out and ensure that your target audience is viewing your website? Luckily for you, we have a treasure trove of methods that will guide you to increased website views. By delving into this blog, you will gain invaluable insights to increase traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let’s kick things off by diving into our wheelhouse: search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a vital component in increasing your website views and attracting organic traffic. We love organic traffic as it means your website aligns with their specific search queries. In other words, these visitors are actively looking for information, products or services related to what your website offers. By strategically implementing SEO techniques, you can improve your website’s visibility in search engines results pages (SERPS) and reach a wider audience.

Key Aspects of SEO

1. Conduct Keyword Research
This is the foundation of successful SEO. It is important to identify the keywords and phrases that your target audience is using when searching for information related to the content on your website. When you have an understanding of what your audience is searching for, you can align the content on your website with their needs and interests.

2. Incorporate Keywords Naturally
Once you have found your relevant keywords, it is important to place them naturally throughout your website. Here is a tip though, stay clear of keyword stuffing. Don’t just jam keywords into your content, it can actually hurt your website’s rankings. Placing them naturally throughout your website will be appreciated by your target audience and search engines will love you for being user friendly.

3. Optimise On-Page Elements
Pay attention to factors such as page load speed, mobile-friendliness and user experience. Search engines tend to prefer websites that load quickly and are mobile friendly and they often tend to rank higher in SERPs.

4. High- Quality Backlinks
A backlink is a link from an external website that directs users to your website. Search engines like backlinks, they think that they show confidence and credibility and hence play a huge role in determining your websites authority and rankings. You should focus on acquiring high quality backlinks from reputable and relevant sources within your industry.

By optimising your website for search engines, you can enhance its visibility, improve organic traffic, and attract a steady stream of visitors who are actively searching for the content you offer. Implementing effective SEO techniques and staying committed to ongoing optimization will ultimately lead to increased website views and help you achieve your online goals.

Utilise Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a game changer when it comes to increasing your website views. By leveraging the power of social media you can enhance your visibility, target promotions, engage with your audience and drive referral traffic.

Enhance Your Visibility
How many people do you know that don’t have at least one type of social media? There are billions of active users on social media, which is good news for you business owners! Social media provides you with a huge pool of potential visitors. If you establish a strong presence on your target audience’s most popular platform you can increase your visibility and reach more people. The key is to ensure that you are regularly uploading content from your website on these platforms to increase the chance of getting more views on your website.

Targeted Promotion
What you may not know about promotions on social media, is that the majority of the ads you see have been specifically targeted to you, based on your demographic, interests and behaviour. The good news is, you can do the same for your target audience. Targeting your promotions ensures that your content is being shown to the people who are most likely to be interested in what you are offering. Ensure that you identify the platforms where your target audience are most active and tailor your content to resonate with them. By doing so, you can help to drive highly relevant traffic to your website.

Engage With Your Audience
Social media is not not just about broadcasting your message, it also gives you the opportunity to actively engage and build relationships with your followers. By being responsive and participating in conversations, you create a sense of community around your brand. This type of engagement with your audience creates a sense of trust, loyalty but will also naturally pique their interest. This means that they are more likely to visit your website to dive deeper into what you have to offer.

Driving Referral Traffic
If you share a link to your website content on social media, and it receives a click, that is considered referral traffic. By actively promoting your website on social media, you can drive a steady stream of referral traffic to your website, boosting your overall website views and engagement.

Email Marketing

Emailing marketing is another great tool that you can use to increase the views on your website. But where do you begin? Don’t panic, here is a breakdown of how to run a successful email marketing campaign to increase website views:

1. Building an Email List
This might be pretty obvious, but to begin email marketing you need some people to send them to. The first step is to build a valuable email list. More often than not, people will need an incentive to encourage them to provide their email address. This can include providing them with exclusive content, such as e-books, access to member-only areas, or special discounts. By offering something of value, you encourage visitors to willingly share their contact information, allowing you to connect with them directly through email.

2. Engaging Newsletters and Campaigns
Got your list of emails? Great! Now it’s essential that you communicate with your audience regularly. It is also vital that the content that is targeted, to keep them engaged. Your content should be compelling and provide value, such as industry insights, expert tips or updates about your products and services. By consistently delivering valuable information, you keep your subscribers interested and engaged, increasing the likelihood that they will click through to your website.

3. Promote Latest Content and Offers
If your goal of email marketing is to drive website views, you need to make sure that each email campaign is promoting your website. You can do this by including your website’s latest content such as blogs, videos or podcasts. Include enticing snippets or teasers in the emails, sparking curiosity and encouraging recipients to click through and read or view the full content on your website. As customers, we love promotions and exclusive offers, so make sure you shout about them in your emails and provide direct links to the relevant pages on your website. Not only will this increase your website views, but could also increase your conversions.

4. Segmentation and Personalisation
To understand the importance of segmentation and personalisation, you simply have to think about what you do as a consumer. Do you pay more attention to emails when it is matched to your preferences and past purchases? Yes! So it is important to apply the same concept to your email marketing campaigns. Consider segmenting your email list based on specific criteria such as demographics, purchase history, or engagement levels. By creating targeted messages that resonate with each segment, you’ll see a boost in engagement and, ultimately, more traffic to your website.

5. Optimise for Mobile
These days, the majority of email opens happen on mobile devices. Therefore, it is super important that you make sure your emails are optimised for mobile viewing. If your potential customers have to squint or resort to frustrating pinch-and-zoom manoeuvres just to read your email, the chances of them actually reading it, let alone clicking through to your website, are highly unlikely. So ensure that your email templates are responsive, meaning they adjust and display properly on various screen sizes. A seamless mobile experience not only enhances user engagement but also increases the chances of recipients clicking through to your website directly from their mobile devices.

Incorporating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy can be a highly effective way to increase website views. By building an email list, sending engaging newsletters, promoting your latest content and offers, personalising your messages and optimising for mobile you can harness the power of email to drive traffic to your website and foster long-term engagement with your audience.

Active Internet Marketing

Increasing website views is a multi-faceted approach that combines SEO, social media, email marketing and much more. We hope that the breakdown of each of these elements has provided you with a clear understanding of how you can effectively increase your website views.

If you find yourself in need of expert guidance and assistance in optimising your website for maximum visibility, please feel free to reach out to the team here at Active Internet Marketing. As a specialised digital marketing company, we have a wealth of experience in SEO and can help you achieve your goal of boosting website views. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 01604 765796 or fill out our online form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

So, take action, implement these strategies, and watch your website traffic flourish. Best of luck on your journey to increase website views and online success!