What’s the point in having a website if no-one can see it?

SEO puts your website in front of real people, and the team at Active Internet Marketing (UK) will get you the results you’re looking for.

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) focuses on getting your website to the top of search engines like Google. 95% of all search traffic comes from page one, so it’s absolutely essential that your business is appearing there.

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The SEO Process

So what do we actually do?

Our processes are pretty straightforward. First and foremost, we get to know your business – ‘making it personal’ is at the heart of everything we do, so it’s important that we know exactly what you’re trying to achieve before we begin. No two businesses are the same, so no two SEO strategies should be either. You might want more online sales, while another customer might be looking to bolster their brand; these two strategies are going to be hugely different.

Once we understand your business and its goals, we conduct in-depth keyword research and use that to inform our next steps. We also carry out detailed audits to assess the current state of your website, before making improvements from a technical perspective to accompany our content work.

We firmly believe that effective communication is the key to any successful relationship, so we’ll send you regular, detailed reports to show you how your campaign is progressing. We’ll also stay in touch with you every step of the way, and you can call our Northampton office any time to talk with your own dedicated account manager.

Google has a plethora of algorithms and over 200 ranking factors that it uses to work out how to position websites. That’s why we’ve invested over £650K in research and development over the past two years. We have developed our own SEO technology and the team frequently attends global conferences, allowing our clients to stay ahead in this ever-changing digital world.


Local SEO

More and more businesses are now finding it hard to make their way on the country’s high streets, increasing the importance of a strong online presence. That’s old news, though, as most (if not all) local businesses now have a website – the trick is to get yours in front of people.

That’s where local SEO comes in. Google is heavily geared towards local search, which isn’t surprising, considering how many people now rely on their phones to find products and services. In fact, studies have shown that almost 75% of consumers who perform local searches will visit a store within three miles, emphasising the importance of showing up at the top of those local results.


Our approach to local SEO

How our agency goes about improving SEO results is focused entirely on you. No two businesses are the same, so it doesn’t make sense to apply the same strategy to different websites. Instead, we take the time to get to know your business and its goals, before putting together a tailored strategy.

To ensure we remain at the forefront of the local SEO industry, we have invested more than £650K in research and development over the past two years. As industry leaders, we’re constantly looking to further our understanding of this volatile world by attending conferences and carrying out in-depth research, giving our clients the very best results.

To find out more about how SEO could help you stand out, why not download our free white paper? To get in touch directly, call us on 01604 765 796 or fill out one of our online contact forms; we’ll come out and meet you as part of a no-obligation consultation, no matter where in the country you’re based!


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