Customer Segmentation

The benefits of customer segmentation

By embracing customer segmentation, you can target your customers in the most effective way possible. Tailoring your marketing techniques to the customers, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, allows you to make every message you send out significantly more powerful.

Clearly, a more tailored marketing strategy resonates more with customers. That much is a given. But by tailoring your entire process to the specific customers you’re targeting, it becomes significantly easier to retain and grow those accounts. The messages sent out by companies taking advantage of customer segmentation are almost always more appreciated by customers; they’re significantly more personal, and resonate far more than the impersonal material often sent by other businesses.

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There are a number of possibilities open to businesses who take advantage of customer segmentation, all of which are extremely useful:

  • Send out more targeted messages that will resonate on a personal level.
  • Narrow down the marketing channels to only the most relevant.
  • Focus on the customers with the greatest potential growth.
  • Nurture existing relationships with more regular communication.


How it works

Customer segmentation works best when a large amount of data can be gathered. That data should be specific and relevant – think age, gender, industry, etc.

Once the data has been gathered, it then needs to be analysed in order to identify recurring themes. When those themes become apparent, the data can be segmented and grouped by the most relevant categories. 

There’s a bit of jargon there, but the message is simple: gather data, find common ground, group your customers, and then target the groups with tailored messaging. 


Active Internet Marketing (UK)

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