What Does the Facebook Algorithm Update Mean for Business Marketing?

What Does the Facebook Algorithm Update Mean for Business Marketing?

12/01/18 | Rebecca Dudley

Announced earlier today, January 11, Facebook has decided to shake itself and its users up with an algorithm update that focuses on demoting ‘public content’ from media outlets, businesses, and publishers in favour of amplifying personal moments between your Facebook friends.

Why Change the Facebook News Feed Algorithm, Again?

To restore the community sense of the platform is the goal of this algorithm update, which has been overtaken by the mindless scrolling we are all guilty of since its inception. Interestingly, this pivot has been influenced by studies connecting personal connections on the internet to positive mental wellbeing, with the passive interaction we’re used to actually doing the opposite.There has been some speculation as to the true motivation of this update, though, which could be seen as a reaction to the Facebook algorithm coming under fire for promoting ‘fake news’, clickbait, and even having a helping hand in Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign in 2016.

What Does This Mean for Business Marketing?

Although the marketers and entities that have been paying attention have seen this change bubbling with incremental changes for almost a year now, it has been difficult to gauge and trial new methods of reaching users without the drastic changes actually being there yet. This means that the coming months will be chock-full of experimentation and guesswork from a lot of media companies, for better or for worse.What we do know is that it’s a fact that businesses and publishers will see a drop in their engagement, interaction, and reach as this update rolls out. There’s no escaping this, Zuckerberg has confirmed. The challenge for most companies will be to make the most of what is going to be a worse situation for everyone and see positive results relative to the rest of businesses.

“What Should I Do?”

For now, we wait and see the impact the change will have. The Facebook algorithm has changed before, and it will change again, so adapting to the new News Feed (as opposed to wallowing in defeat) is the way to move forward. This may also be the right time to employ the expertise of a digital marketing company that has been monitoring the algorithm and its nature for a while if you still see Facebook as a viable platform.


In essence, regardless of the true motivations, this algorithm change is going to be positive for the ways we use Facebook as consumers, but is going to be tricky for businesses to manoeuvre. It will also be interesting to see how Facebook reacts if users’ News Feeds are swayed drastically in one direction so as to remove the ‘open playing field’ that there currently is, because I’m sure there are people who have drastically different interests and views to those they are friends with (for example).

Active Internet Marketing (UK)

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