5 Easily Fixable Technical Issues to Help Boost Your SEO

5 Easily Fixable Technical Issues to Help Boost Your SEO

Improving and keeping up with SEO for your website can sometimes feel like a constant job with tracking down and fixing even the most miniscule issues. However, there are a few common mistakes or technical issues that can have a huge impact on SEO for your website that thankfully all have fairly easy fixes! We here at Active Internet Marketing will explore 5 of these issues below and discuss some of the steps you can take to remedy them.

1) Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is any direct copy of content already existing on your site or anything that is very similar. Google has to periodically crawl through every site repeatedly in order to be made aware of new content so eliminating any unwanted or unnecessary content to prevent slowing this crawl down is ideal. The solution is to explore your site looking for duplicate content and use “crawl directives” to tell Google which specific items are not worth crawling.

2) Slow Page Loads

Page speed is crucial for a positive user experience as well as for improving search rankings. Make sure your website is as quick-loading as possible if it has a lot of components, such as images and videos.

3) Navigation Issues

When people visit your site and come across navigation issues they are more likely to stop engaging with the site entirely rather than struggle through to access the products and services you offer. Poor navigation coupled with other technical issues can lead to your site having a low authority that may make Google consider your site as irrelevant. This will lead to a drop in rankings in search engines.
To avoid this you simply need to make sure your navigation is up to scratch! You can do this by making sure that your navigation bar is all on the same line at the top of your screen and making sure that all of the internal and external links take you to the desired page. It would also be beneficial to redirect any pages that are showing a 404 error.

4) Incorrect Redirects

Sometimes it’s necessary to transfer a page, or even an entire site, to a different URL. In the event that you have rebuilt or are looking to rebuild your website you need to make sure that all links and URLs from your previous site have been properly redirected to your new site. You can do this by setting up 301 redirects from old pages to the new ones to help users find the old site pages and ensure those pages link to your current site.

5) Poor Mobile Experience

Visitors to your site are very likely to click away if the loading times for your pages are too long when using a smart device such as a tablet or mobile phone. Whilst some businesses try to combat this by redirecting people to distinct mobile websites this can lead to other issues.

By employing a mobile subdomain, link equity can be reduced and cause concerns about traffic being diverted from the original URL without users being previously informed. It can also mean a greater drain on resources and an increase in maintenance. can reduce link equity, cause worries about traffic being diverted from the original URL without the user being informed and given options, and increase resource and maintenance requirements.

This can be combated by crawling pages through a speed checker online. Often these sites will show what kind of things are specifically slowing your load times such as large images that can affect mobile users’ experience.

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