Why Effective Communication is Your Key to Success

Why Effective Communication is Your Key to Success

26/03/18 | Alex Stockton

When it comes to business, effective communication is key. Whether it’s internal liaising to successfully collaborate and innovate, or external communication to secure a new contract or propose an idea, such goals can only be realised if they are effectively delivered from the outset.

External Communication

Would you buy an invisible product and trust that it was beneficial for you, without immediate results? Of course not. SEO is not a tangible product, it can’t be seen, felt, smelt or heard, but we expect people to trust that it will prove to be advantageous. We do this with good reason of course, because we have many years of successful results that speak for themselves; when rankings are obtained on the most popular search engine platforms used, it can be a significant turning point for a business.

However, for your clients that do not yet have a plethora of past ranking data to prove that their investment is worthwhile, effective communication is extremely important.

Whatever industry you are in, all those that have a vested interest in your business or service, including your customers, stakeholders and employees will feel much more appreciated if they are kept informed of all information that is relevant to them. It makes sense when you think about it, because whether you’re installing a bathroom for your customers or handling their marketing campaign, one way or another you are having an effect on an aspect of their life.


Forget Me Not

In the initial stages of a new partnership, communication is typically at an all-time high, but as time passes, as with many things in life, the novelty wears off and the once effective communication can begin to slip.No one likes to feel as though they’ve been forgotten, so it is important to establish a pattern of regular communication on a mutually convenient platform, at intervals that both parties are happy with. You may find that, six months down the line, the phone calls and catch ups don’t need to be as regular, or you may find that due to the success of the first six months, your client wishes to expand their current partnership with you. However, without consistent communication, you could end up missing out on a great business opportunity.


Internal Communication

Whoever said that internal communication wasn’t as important as what is relayed outside of the office walls, quite frankly, lied. More often than not, your staff members are the ones leading the communication with the clients that keep you in business. Therefore, isn’t it just as important to ensure that all team members are fully equipped with necessary information and appropriately trained to manage such accounts? When it comes to SEO – such a fluid process that must be adapted to suit the findings of each account – regular communication to keep your clients informed of such inevitable changes will ensure they feel satisfied that they are spending their money wisely.

Of course, whatever service we are using, we all like to feel that we are receiving a product or service that is worth the money we are spending on it. Make sure your customers feel like they are getting value for money by keeping them informed of appropriate information that affects their purchase from you.


Communication Training

The idea of whose responsibility it is to keep staff members motivated is often contested, with some believing that an employee is responsible for their own motivation and others believing it lies in the hands of the management. However, what should be realised is that a lack of effective communication in-house can ultimately lead to an unmotivated workforce.

The more channels a piece of information has to travel through in order to reach its intended recipient, the more chances it has of being misinterpreted, and consequently, distorted when next relayed. The key to successful communication is rather simple; first you need to listen and next you need to relay. However, what people often forget to do is relay the information they have received back to the person they gained it from first, checking what they have understood is actually correct, before passing it on. Your business is not a game of Chinese whispers, so don’t leave the correct relaying of information to chance.

It is not uncommon for employers to test prospective team members on their communication skills during the interview process. Some will use writing tasks, others will set up role-play sessions or even ask for presentations. However, in-house training can prove to be an effective tool for ensuring that all staff members are on a similar level when it comes to their communication skills, meaning that no matter what sector of the business external calls and emails reach, they will always be answered in a way that is in-line with your company values and training guidelines.


Communication and Your Brand

It can be easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to communication and see it purely as what is said and then relayed to others. However, communication actually occurs via any channel through which your business can relay a message.

In the present day, social media has replaced traditional methods of communication in many circumstances. For example, many individuals will choose to use messaging tools on social media and other online applications, such as Snapchat, in order to communicate. With the prevalence of social media and online activities in mind, how you communicate your business’ presence on such platforms should not be overlooked.

Managing various channels of communication with the same dedication and consistency is no easy feat. It is also worth noting that, whilst some may have an aptitude for communicating over the phone, other communication streams may not be their strong suit. To ensure communication is consistently delivered at a high level, some of the most successful businesses outsource these requirements to specialist marketing teams that can effectively manage their online reputation.

At Active Internet Marketing (UK), we help businesses in various sectors navigate their online presence through social media and across the internet, whilst simultaneously keeping our ear to the ground when it comes to the latest SEO techniques in order to gain rankings on Google.


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