Top 3 Marketing Myths & Why They’re Wrong

14 March 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Even within the industry, there are many misconceptions floating around about what marketing does and even what it is. When contemplating marketing your business, it is important that you thoroughly research and understand exactly what marketing entails and what it can do for you. What you most need to avoid is falling prey to some of the largest marketing myths in circulation. Such as:


There’s A Guaranteed Formula For Success

Marketing is not the same as other business necessities such as accounting – there is no tried and tested formula that will always work. Marketing is about experience and it is about trial and error. Devising marketing strategies is not as simple as ‘X’ worked for this company – let’s do that again. Instead, marketing requires a fluid and qualitative approach, as individually tailored as every business is unique. Because of this, some trials won’t quite work, or will have a different result than expected, and tweaks need to be consistently made. Marketing strategies have to be adapted and maintained for them to consistently be effective.


To Market, You Just Need A Facebook Page!

Facebook, and social media in general, has proved to be a valuable resource for both marketing and businesses in general. Not only do they keep the business in touch with their customers, they help retain brand loyalty and keep you in touch with the needs and requirements of your client base. For these reasons, it is often one of many marketing myths circulated that a good social media presence or even a simple Facebook page is enough to get your company out there and marketed. However, what should always be kept in mind is that those who like your Facebook page already like your brand! Social media is wonderful at generating loyalty from those who have already found you, but much more needs to be done to promote awareness and generate new customers.


Marketing Should Directly Generate Sales

A prevailing marketing myth is that it is unsuccessful if it doesn’t instantly generate sales or even spikes in site traffic. These things can certainly be used to help indicate whether or not a strategy is helping, but it is not the only goal. Marketing strategies often start simply by building your content, or broadening the reach of your business’s voice, or making the voice more credible. Many of these things cannot be measured instantly, and it is the steady incline in support that we’re really looking for. Marketing myths often fall prey to these sort of assumptions – that direct data must be used to show success. In reality, it is an industry that must be much more adaptable and thoughtful than these myths would have you believe.

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