Robert Gatward Jewellers

Robert Gatward Jewellers is a local jewellery company that has been established for over 30 years, where they specialise in high quality jewellery and watches for men and women. The company has successfully grown, with six prestigious and award-winning jewellery stores based around England. Robert Gatward Jewellers holds a wide selection of collection stock from reputable renowned brands, including Rolex, Michael Kors and Pandora. The company also focus and specialise in diamond bridal jewellery wear, including engagement rings and wedding rings. Robert Gatward Jewellers are truly special, providing customers with an unforgettable and memorable experience both online and in-store.

Robert Gatward website design

Web Hosting

We host their website, and utilise CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) techniques and software to improve the customer’s journey. We particularly focused on the product pages for the engagement rings, where we added more high quality images and detailed descriptions to each product. We further enhanced the category pages, to ensure that the filters were user-friendly. We added a special diamond-buying guide, where customers would have more options to choose from in relation to the size and type. This became successful, since engagement rings were the second most viewed page from 01/10/15 to 01/03/16. In addition, we created a number of new pages for the website, including a new gift guide. The gift guide included 12 different personality types that would go with Robert Gatward Jewellers products, which made the process of choosing a gift much easier for customers./p>

When we had our initial consultation with Robert Gatward Jewellers, they were receiving traffic to their website, however found it challenging to gain conversions online. They were keen to maximise their conversion rate to boost their revenue overall. With intense market research, we implemented a strategy that would focus on marketing around holidays and special occasions, aiming to increase sales constantly throughout the year.

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47.24% increase in year on year traffic from 20/5/15 to 31/12/15.

86.59% increase in average order value from 20/5/15 to 31/12/15.

130% increase in unique purchases from 20/5/15 to 31/5/15.


Email Marketing

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we have implemented a range of campaigns and email marketing, since Robert Gatward Jewellers started working with us in August 2014. We created a Mother’s Day quiz last year, where it made it easier for customers to shop the perfect gift for their mother. This campaign idea came from the observations that were learnt from the previous Mother’s Day, where audiences in this industry respond well to interactive pieces of content. We also incorporated an Easter Egg Hunt and ‘Find The Hearts’ campaign on the website to enhance CRO, where it allowed customers to successfully engage with more pages across the site. We carried out a ‘Share Your Engagement’ campaign, where users used Instagram to showcase their engagement stories and photos for a chance to win a £750 voucher towards their wedding rings. This campaign was a great success, where it had driven traffic and created high engagement across social media.

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), our dedicated team will continue to offer the very best service with great passion. We will continue to implement regular meetings and monthly reports to track the performance of their company. We will also continuously update their website, and incorporate future campaigns to continue meeting their needs.


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