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The Objective

Swags and Tails began their SEO campaign with us in December 2016. The client wanted to optimise a brochure website which provided potential customers with information and images of their products.

Swags and Tails were looking for a specialist local SEO company that could achieve rankings for them across a variety of keywords, within their local area of Sutton Coldfield. They wanted a company that could work with their existing site, updating it as necessary to conform to the latest SEO techniques.

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Our Strategy

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This was a purely local campaign, so in order to strengthen the level of trust Google had in the site, and, in turn, obtain rankings, we had to strengthen their local search presence.

Content optimisation formed a large part of the initial strategy, and once uploaded to the website, the copy was periodically reviewed against analytics data and ranking fluctuations to ensure it performed consistently for the client throughout various algorithm updates.

To increase their local search presence, we turned our attention to the offsite search presence of the client and the way their name and address details were listed online. We also placed a focus on the client’s Google listing and consistently optimised this, utilising a wide range of features to enhance the listing.

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The Results

Through building an authoritative local search presence, we built up the level of trust Google placed in the website and achieved strong local map rankings for a variety of keywords. These rankings placed the client in a prime position on the search results page and showcased their contact details prominently to users.

When comparing the most recent month of analytics to the previous period, we can see a steady increase in organic traffic, resulting in an increase of 17.60%. Additionally, sessions on the website are up by 18.00%, demonstrating increased site engagement. Analysing the data also shows that new users to the site are up by 14.22%, showcasing the increased visibility of the site.

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