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The Objective

Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd approached us with a fairly strong reputation for their local services. Regardless of this reputation, though, their local search presence was sporadic and they were not achieving national rankings. The client wanted to grow in order to achieve national SEO visibility within a very competitive, but lucrative, market. As such, we undertook a highly bespoke SEO and content campaign designed to rank Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd throughout the entirety of the UK for their chosen keywords.

Our Strategy

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Our digital marketing strategy was highly dictated by the niche industry of plant and equipment hire. We identified the product categories with the strongest ROI and national ranking potential and developed an in-depth strategy around these. The website functionality was updated and the site was transferred to our superior, faster hosting. It is imperative for a website of this size that all elements of technical SEO are carefully considered, optimised, and regularly maintained — this was, therefore, a key part of our ongoing strategy.

In addition, extensive competitor research allowed us to implement industry-leading tactics with copy optimisation, content, and citation management. By identifying these key opportunities within Charles Wilson Engineer Ltd’s niche, we could implement an effective strategy that delivered long-term results, fast.

The Results

Using our knowledge of both national and local SEO ranking strategies, we achieved national visibility growth whilst also maintaining their original ranking positions for their local areas. Once their national rankings were stable, we presented this to Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd and devised a new strategy to now target their local visibility to increase their local branch traffic even further.

At this point, we now have rankings for 1779 different ranking keywords for Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd. This generates, month-on-month, year-on-year traffic growth. For just this last year alone, their search engine impressions hit nearly 10 million.

Through our achievement, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have been able to re-invest the extra revenue in brand new branches and equipment, further growing their company to even more areas of the UK and expanding their SEO strategy with us to further capitalise on the success.