Transform Your Kitchen

Over 70%

The Objective

Transform Your Kitchen operate within a highly competitive market but offer a very unique solution. Amidst a new website build, they approached us to discuss the challenges within their niche and understand how SEO could help them to increase their sales. We understood immediately that the challenge here, therefore, was to create awareness with SEO – rather than a standard strategy of targetting existing search terms. When bringing a new style of product to the market, SEO needs to inform and educate, before then leading the potential customer along the buying journey to conversion.

Our Strategy

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We became actively involved in the website build in order to ensure the technical SEO was up to the highest standard before launch. This meant being in a strong SEO position right from the site going live. This included writing engaging, optimised copy that targetted searches at various stages of their buying journey, and a keyword targetting strategy was devised that would generate movement along the buying journey. The strategy had the core focus of educating potential customers of the quicker and more cost-effective way to revamp their kitchen that Transform Your Kitchen was offering.

The Results

Enquiries have poured into the business since the launch of the new website and our SEO strategy. Transform Your Kitchens have seen increases in enquiries with people becoming more knowledgeable about the services they offer and the great benefits of it. From no enquiries to over 1000, we’re finding that people are understanding this great product offering once they have found it through a variety of different search-term angles. We are still in the early stages of the strategy – with lots more growth set to come.

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