Flair Designer Wear

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The Objective

Flair Designer Wear is a local fashion boutique in the Towesceter area, catering to those looking for tasteful occasion wear and impeccable service. With such a small region and a wonderful but niche product offering, Flair Designer Wear asked if we could help expand their local search presence to attract potential customers from further afield and bring them to their modest Towesceter store.

Our Strategy

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Without a website or social media presence, we began our strategy by designing and building Flair Designer Wear a stylish website to showcase their garments, built to top SEO standards. We focused heavily on a local SEO strategy targetting neighbouring towns and cities, ensuring they could expand their customer base across the midlands.

In addition to this, we heavily researched the market demographics for Flair Designer Wear and decided on a Facebook-lead social media strategy to further reach potential customers and to instil more brand loyalty in their existing customer base.

The Results

Flair Designer Wear have significantly increased their store footfall and profits year on year since signing up with us in 2014. Website traffic continues to grow month on month, with hits from a range of neighbouring locations, including returning customers from further afield including the city of Birmingham. Our local SEO strategy has not only solidified their presence within their local radius but has even stretched into these neighbouring cities to bring them brand new clientele on a much larger scale.

Their social media presence continues to grow, with an amazing show of brand loyalty from our regular postings. Just this year we have seen continued growth in their Facebook page, with a further increase of 64% in page follows.

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