London Morgan

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The Objective

London Morgan are the most prominently placed Morgan Motor Company dealership in the country and yet, when they came to us, they did not even have a website. London Morgan wanted an online presence to match the deep heritage of the Morgan brand whilst also showcasing the forward-thinking, innovative heart of everything Morgan represents, whilst establishing themselves as an acclaimed dealership.It was imperative that London Morgan could be found instantly by their target market – which is a fairly transient target. This presented a unique challenge that we were keen to take on head-first to achieve the great results they deserved.

Our Strategy

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Cars of this prestige are popular with those visiting London for a few months at a time, before flying the car home with them. It was, therefore, crucial that London Morgan became unmissable in any London searches within this niche. This was the core of our focus and each decision revolved around this end goal, as it was clear this would provide the greatest return on investment and build their brand reputation exponentially. From the initial website build to the ongoing optimisation of their online presence, we have made decisions to further achieve this target.Utilising our extensive expertise in local SEO, we developed an intense strategy for targetting the London boroughs, which included both offsite and onsite optimisation techniques. Within mere months, London Morgan became prominent for their relevant searches across the London landscape – one of the most notoriously difficult locations to achieve this in. These are results that we have maintained and grown since they joined us in 2015.

The Results

We’ve had a wealth of successes with London Morgan, above and beyond our initial goals. Aside from our successes in local SEO for London Morgan, we’ve also enjoyed great results from our content marketing. Our pieces now outrank prestigious websites including the BBC and Top Gear, to become one of the strongest traffic draws to the London Morgan website. Our local SEO strategy has continued to grow their online presence into new target markets, increasing the traffic from roughly 3,000 in January to October of 2016, to now nearly 13,000 website hits in the same date range in 2019. Growth has exceeded 200% across all key website metrics including users, sessions and pageviews. This has allowed London Morgan to become a top-performing dealer in the country. Impressions on Google have seen similar leaps, from roughly 500-600 a day, to highs of 8000+ in a single day.

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