The Objective

TUI – Marella Cruises approached us needing an informative and engaging way to deliver their safety Muster Station instructions to the passengers on the Marella cruise ships. This was amidst a large company-wide modernisation project, so TUI – Marella Cruises sought out our help to devise a new, technology-lead way of delivering their messages. The objective was to ensure this was on-brand, future-proof, and above all delivered the safety messages clearly.

Our Strategy

| Web Video |

We developed concepts and storyboards for an animated video to present to the decision-makers within TUI – Marella Cruises on this project. After presenting this, we were given the green light to produce a bright, informative and entertaining safety video to be shown to all of the passengers on the TUI – Marella Cruise ships. 

We studied the TUI – Marella Cruises brand guidelines exhaustively to ensure we were wholly capturing the tone and presentation of this prestigious company. Working closely with TUI on the script, we utilised our copywriting and editing expertise to help them produce a concise script that professionally relayed the full safety procedure for the passengers. Each individual decision that we made for the animated video married perfectly with the in-depth TUI brand. This meant we could create the video from start to finish with full trust from TUI, producing the assets, animation, voice-over and the final polished product.

The Results

Our safety video is now seen by over 450,000 passengers every year on the TUI – Marella Cruise ships. Following on from the success of the video, TUI have commissioned us for numerous projects to promote their new initiatives to the internal staff. We continue to both advise TUI on promotional decisions and work on animated videos for informative messages and product developments.

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