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The Objective

We started working with Birmingham based Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators over three years ago. They are experts in industrial painting and decorating.

Up until we met them, we thought perusing paint colour swatch books was the most taxing part of decorating decision making. But the level of detail involved in meeting the range of required standards is quite astonishing. And that’s without factoring in budget and timetabling restraints.

What became very clear, very quickly, is that you’re in safe hands with Shirley Industrial Painters. As a client, they have all the specialist knowledge necessary to walk you through what you need. This is backed up by their accreditation from a number of the industry’s professional organisations. They also have a real wealth of experience, applying their expertise in a range of different locations.

And this is what their previous SEO company hadn’t managed to fully understand or promote.

Shirley Industrial Painters came to us because they wanted to work with an SEO company that has excellent communication and consistently high customer service. They also needed to recapture their now falling local rankings and reverse this trajectory.

Our Strategy

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Listen and learn. The first thing we do with any new client. We immersed ourselves in their world of specialist knowledge. With a whole new vocabulary – including epoxy floors, mobile shot blasting and intumescent coatings – we were ready to tackle their website content, improving it for SEO. Alongside this, we ran through technical website optimisation for SEO.

Our content marketing focus was a series of blog posts to populate the Latest News section. Both to build authority and contribute to recapturing those rankings.

In terms of local search rankings, we had a two-pronged attack. Firstly, we made sure they were listed in all the relevant directories that would attract traffic to their website. Secondly, we improved their local search presence in Birmingham by creating specific local content.

Our usual customer service involves regular, clear communication with our clients. So we solved that issue for them just by being ourselves!

The Results

Now they are working with us, Shirley Industrial Painters and Decorators are on page one for all their search terms. This includes a range of different towns and cities, with particularly strong Birmingham-based SEO. Organic search traffic from SEO is the biggest single element driving traffic to their website.

Now, 300,000 more people see their website on Google every year!

And this just keeps growing.

Not only are they now getting the SEO support they deserve, but we really love working together. They really appreciate our level of service, and we value really getting to know businesses in this way, so that we can best support their future growth.

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