Project Audio Visual

Project Audio Visual have been with us since December 2014, after searching tirelessly for a digital marketing agency that could provide them with the results they needed. Project Audio Visual are leading specialists in their industry, providing bespoke audio visual solutions to their clients tirelessly. Having worked with some huge brands to create displays, they were looking to reflect the quality of their work through their website.

Project Audio Visual site design

We had an extensive list of tasks to carry out to get Project Audio Visual looking and ranking as well as it deserved. Our in-house design team worked to create an engaging and professional website, that reflected the benefits and possibilities that the business had to offer its clients. In order to really show the world exactly what Project Audio Visual were capable of, we had to ensure that all of the site content offered insight and unique views in order to really engage potential customers.

Project Audio Visual Logo

Look & Feel

In order to show online visitors what Project Audio Visual has to offer, we employed the use of a mega menu, which allowed us to have all of the options and information in one place for visitors to navigate through easily and efficiently. We also built a unique online calculator that allows people to work out how much money they would save through using video conferencing systems compared to physically attending meetings. This has had increasingly encouraging results for the company, as it is engaging visitors and showing them exactly how Project Audio Visual’s services can aid the individual.

We have also introduced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques and social media strategies to their online platforms. This allows us to reach out to a broader audience, whilst also building their reputation as industry leaders in their field. Our in-house videographers have also recorded case studies from their previous clients, to show potential customers exactly what they have to offer.

Future campaigns look to be exciting, as they continue to expand their range of products and services. In order to showcase this fully, we will study the successes of our previous campaigns, and utilise this information to really boost their online profile within their industry.


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