credativ are an internationally renowned company, offering independent consulting and services. They offer exhaustive technical support for the operation and implementation of open source software. They have been operating within this specialised sector since 1999. They have Open Source Support Centres worldwide; in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, North America and India. This allows them to offer premium international support, specialising in a variety of open source projects.

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Despite their international success, credativ were not receiving the level of traffic one would expect for a high quality company of this size. When meeting with them and researching the issue, we quickly highlighted that the website had poor rankings on search engines, meaning that they were difficult to locate by anyone searching for their services. This was leading to their surprisingly low traffic, and meant that we needed to implement our technical SEO solutions for them as soon as possible.

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As credativ is part of an international operation, they have to work within certain parameters regarding their website. This meant an opportunity for our team to devise an effective strategy whilst navigating the guidelines set out by someone else.We began by focusing on vastly improving credativ’s local search ranking factors. This is a vital foundation for any SEO strategy to be successful. By establishing this backbone for their online presence, we are able to launch strong and effective strategies on an ongoing basis. We took on the challenge with determination, and have taken time to establish a thorough understanding of Creadtiv’s customer demographic. This gives us the necessary information to ensure that the changes that we can make are highly effective for the business, and the content changes we make are accessible and customer friendly.

We are always in ongoing communications with credativ due to the delicate guidelines within the business, and our determination to offer an effective and comprehensive SEO service to them. It is a rewarding process and one that we have found ourselves to thrive in, as we problem-solve in more creative and unique ways each time. As we continue to develop and implement SEO strategies for credativ, so too will we continue to see their search rankings and website traffic improve.

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