How to Grow Your Small-Business Facebook Following

11 February 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

We have all heard the benefits of social media marketing, leading the majority of businesses to create their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The difficulty isn’t in having a presence, but growing it and appealing to your desired audience. We all want to have thousands of followers, so we have put together our top 5 tips to help you generate a Facebook following legally.

  • Add a Facebook ‘Like’ button wherever possible. It is very straight forward to embed Facebook ‘like’ buttons on your website. If you use a theme for your site then the task is even easier to add a ‘like’ button, with it just being a flick of a button. Chances are, a few of the people visiting your website that day are some of the 864 million people logged into Facebook that day, and they may like your page, gaining you a few easy followers.
  • Integrate your social media channels. Use a programme such as Hootsuite to allow you to post out to all of your social media platforms at once. This means that you can automatically send out an image you share to Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, using your great content to gain interaction and followers.
  • Give your followers incentives. Channel giveaways and special offers directly through your Facebook page. This encourages people to interact with your page. If you run a restaurant for example, consider running a competition to win a free lunch purely through social media. It is against Facebook’s rules to ask for likes and shares, however, the more people you get on your page, the more likely you are to gain likes.
  • Analyse your adverts. Through the admin panel of your page, or the Adverts Create Tool, you can carry out simultaneous marketing campaigns on your budget. Facebook advertising tracks your customers’ responses in real figures. Examinee what works and adapt your efforts according to that response.
  • Create an app. More that 19 million people routinely access Facebook through mobile devices and apps are growing in popularity. small businesses can now customise their own app online for a small fee, or outsource it.

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