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The key to a successful influencer marketing strategy is to expertly align it with the unique needs of a brand. No two brands are the same, just as no two influencers are the same; as an Influencer Marketing Agency, we understand that the priority must always be to have a thorough understanding – both of you and the story that you wish your influencers to tell.

We specialise in generating brand awareness, allowing you to showcase your brand story in the exact way that you want. Whether you are re-positioning your brand, or simply want to engage new audiences, we take the time to identify your needs and build a strategy that aligns with your goals, meeting with you for a free consultation so that an in-depth discussion can take place.

As an Influencer Marketing Agency, we can tailor your campaign to promoting your new brand voice, helping you with new market or territory entry, or create a campaign for a new product launch. Whatever your individual requirements, our experience and knowledge will allow us to devise the ideal approach for you. With our network of over 5,000 influencers, we can then match you with the right influencers for the job, and cultivate a loyal relationship between them and your brand.

We’ll identify which social platforms are most relevant for the story that you wish to tell, and the audience that you want to reach, and use this to both identify the key influencers and to then build and carry out a complete campaign to achieve your aims.

Your Influencer Marketing Agency should work closely with you to execute a comprehensive influencer campaign; at Active Internet Marketing (UK) you will receive a dedicated account manager who will spend extensive time working with you and getting to know your business in depth, allowing a knowledgeable relationship to build.

Speak to us today to find out how an Influencer Marketing Agency can help you; simply give us a call on 0800 772 0650. We also have a brand sign up form and a signup form for any influencers who are interested in developing a relationship with Active Internet Marketing (UK).

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