Influencer Marketing

Active Internet Marketing (UK) connect you with today’s best influencers.

With our very own database of influencers from a range of industries – including fashion, travel, sport, food, and more – we will match you up with the right influencer for your brand.

Everything we do here at Active Internet Marketing (UK) is designed to suit you. Rather than adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to our influencer marketing, we prioritise your business goals and take the time to get to know you. That’s the only way we can be sure to get the most out of your campaign.

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The world of influencer marketing is still a relative unknown to many people, which is where we come in. We’ve got the experience and know-how to select the best individuals for you from our database, which holds influencers of different sizes from a number of industries.

We consider a range of factors before deciding on the best influencer or micro-influencer for your business. Is their content relevant? How’s their engagement? What’s the average reach of their posts? These are just a few of the many questions we ask ourselves when deciding who to contact for you. We don’t leave it there, either; by managing every aspect of the campaign, from monitoring the audience and outreach of our influencers’ posts to assessing your overall ROI, we create genuine brand ambassadors for your business.

Every influencer marketing campaign we run will be discussed with you in-depth. We always ensure that you’re happy with the direction we’re heading in because, ultimately, no-one knows your business better than you! We’re the digital marketing experts, and you’re experts in your own industry – it makes sense to combine that expertise by communicating effectively throughout.

For influencer marketing that makes a real, tangible difference to your business, get in touch with Active Internet Marketing (UK) today.

We’ll kick things off with a free, no-obligation consultation to help us gain an initial understanding of your business. From there, we will work closely with you to create the perfect influencer campaign.


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