7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Vine

18 November 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Vine

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Vine

The popularity belonging to the mobile app Vine comes as no surprise as visual content performs extremely well on social media. The app enables users to create six-second videos that can be shared across social networking sites. Vine allows businesses to create powerful messages about their brand as well as conveying information about their products or services in an accessible way.

Not only is Vine free, but it is also incredibly easy to use. Simply hold your finger down on the app’s button to record continuously for six seconds. Videos can also be easily shared on both Twitter and Facebook, providing you with even more engaging content for your social platforms.

Videos on Vine require next to no effort at all to enjoy and experience. Short clips are more likely to be shared in a busy world and as they loop it means that it is likely to be seen more than once before the user exits. Vine reflects the changing way that we like to consume content.

The shear shortness of Vine inspires creativity. Users are encouraged to be particularly resourceful. Simplicity works well but there are plenty of Vines that are scripted and successful. From uninterrupted filming to stop-motion, there are plenty of ways to record your business.

The simplicity of Vine makes it possible to capture news as it is happening, allowing businesses to share exciting firsthand experiences. Businesses can also encourage customers to upload their own Vines of themselves enjoying their products. This highlights brand advocates and is often done alongside a branded hashtag.

Six seconds of video can communicate quite a lot of content so it is the perfect platform to educate your audience regarding your products or services. ‘How to’ content has proved to be extremely popular on Vine but demonstrating something in six seconds is no easy feat so we suggest that it’s always kept simple. Showing your product in action can act as catalyst when prompting sales.
Vine can also be used to display work that you have done for a client, which makes a change from a static portfolio!

Vine allows you to take your customers behind the scenes of your workplace as well as telling the story behind your business. Businesses have the ability to humanize themselves on social media, they become relatable and approachable.

As well as seeing how many likes, comments, and revines your Vine receives, users are now able to see how many times their videos have been looped. The popularity of your video can easily be discovered with these metrics.

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