5 Social Media Platforms That You Didn’t Know Existed

29 February 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

It can be hard to get ahead in social media marketing, with even the most ambivalent technophobes understanding the ins and outs of Facebook and Twitter. Despite the market being almost completely devoted to the top dogs in social media, there are a few new platforms that are emerging to claim their spot in the big league.

We have put together a list of 5 social media platforms that you may or may not have heard of. We dare you to give them a try.


Inbound was set up to create a space where marketers can share their ideas, discuss concepts, post job vacancies and basically compile their resources in order to help build on each others skills.

Co founded by Rand Fishkin (Founder at Moz) and Dharmesh Shah (Founder at HubSpot), inbound.org has been around since 2012, connecting marketers all over the world.

To join (and start) discussions, read articles and find jobs, why not head over to inbound?


Medium is a platform where writers and readers can come together to offer unique perspectives on ideas and viewpoints. It strives to provide a platform where writers can easily submit their work, which will then appear on others users home pages. They focus on building a network between their writers and readers, encouraging discussion and innovation.

Medium was founded by Ev Williams, who famously co-created both Blogger and Twitter.


Perspectivo is still in its beta stage, however it is available for use to the public. It allows you to select goals and aspirations, before directing you to user generated articles by people who have already fulfilled that same goal. These articles offer information and advice, and are a great tool when trying to reach your own objectives.


Ello’s mission is to transform the way creative people connect, removing all advertising from the platform to ensure that it is purely user created content.

Ello is a place to post your art, design, photography, articles, stories and more with a world wide community.


Wanelo is like a digital shopping centre, with over 300,000 shops selling their products through the site. The aim of the site is to find unique gifts easily, whilst being able to see what other people are looking at. Through the social media platform, you can follow your favourite shops and people and see what items are trending online.

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