5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are Effective On Social Media

12 November 2015
Published: By: Becky Dudley


5 Reasons Why Hashtags Are Effective On Social Media


So what is this glorious word of hashtagging all about? A hashtag is a word or a phrase that is used to categorise particular topics. Hashtagging is seen as one of the most powerful tools to use in today’s world of social media, and is increasingly becoming a popular practice. A hashtag can instantly connect your business with people that share a common interest. This trend was first introduced by Twitter, which then followed on from Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest. Here are 5 detailed reasons as to why it is worth hashtagging on social media:


1. They Reach More Customers Of Your Target Audience


A hashtag can provide two significant values for your business, in order to be successful. Firstly, it can be viewable to any users on social media platforms, which allows your business to expand outside your network. Secondly, it attracts users that share a particular interest in the key word or phrase that was written as a hashtag; therefore it can expand your customer audiences.


2. They Increase User Engagement


In relation to Twitter, tweets with hashtags are said to receive twice as much of engagement by user retweets, likes, replies and clicks. In relation to Twitter, user interaction is at its highest point when using an average of 11 hashtags. In relation to Facebook, the hashtag revolution started to increase where there was an average of 593 interactions per post when posting one-two hashtags. In relation to Google Plus, it provides your business to brainstorm great opportunities to identify new marketing ideas that can be implemented.


3. They Give Insights Into Your Competition


It gives your business insights as to what users are discussing or commenting on about other businesses that are similar in your industry. Simply, search for a few relevant hashtags in relation to your competitor’s brand product and/or service, and you can grasp on useful information, from complaints to good reviews. It gives your business the opportunity to differentiate your approach and come up with effective strategies.


4. They Allow You To Track Your Progression


This allows your business to investigate and monitor your progression of what your users are discussing, regarding your brand products and/or services. It always gives you the opportunity to improve on any aspects of your business, to ensure maximisation of success.


5. They Allow Your Business To Promote Competitions And Events


By providing users with easy hashtags to type in when promoting, it gives your business the opportunity for users to easily track these competitions and events and participate in conversations.


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