What is the Difference between Content and Copy?

08 February 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

The terms content writer and copywriter are thrown around, often referring to the same thing; a writer. However, despite this misunderstanding, a content writer and a copywriter both play very different roles in the marketing world.

It is not always easy to distinguish between the two, and some people have differing opinions of what classes as copy and what counts as content. However, here the differences between the two, and reasons why you should be using both of them.

What is copy?

Copy is the backbone of any online business’s marketing. Although many pages can be caught under the umbrella term ‘content’, they actually count as copy. Copy refers to the one-way communication from the company to the customers, providing information to help the customer’s along their online experience.

It should be informative and persuasive, selling your company to those who have found themselves on your website. Some examples of web copy are:

  • About Us pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales brochures
  • eBooks
  • White papers

What is content?

Content is an emerging concept that is used not to sell, but to inform and entertain your potential customers. Content is being used more and more to bring in traffic to your website, where your copy will then take over to attempt to get potential customers to convert.

Whilst copy is written to for those who have already found your website, a lot of content is written to get people to your website in the first place. It should make people want to read it and then share it. Examples of what content includes can be:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • News articles
  • Competitions
  • Quizzes & Polls

There are grey areas, and sometimes a piece of writing may not fall categorically into one side or the other, however as long as you are creating valuable, informative and engaging content and copy then you can expect great results.

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