The (Useful) Novelty of Web Video

30 October 2014
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Corporate web videos have become more and more of a thing for websites, when you want to showcase your client’s services in a much more effective way. I’ve started to see more and more web videos making their mark on websites around the Internet, and many of them do what they’re supposed to well, others not so well. Some might even call it the future of Content Marketing – I certainly would!

What is Video Marketing?
Video Marketing is the practice of using a video to grab the attention of a website’s visitors to draw them in and promote a service. The statistics show that it’s one of the most cost effective ways of promotion, with the (mostly successful) practice of converting visitors, resulting in new business.

It really is safe to say that there are little-no equivalents out there that really compare to web video, and nothing really makes the impression that web video does. And for something so easily customisable, too! These videos can be easily tailored to suit pretty much any company, service or product, not to mention the fact that it can be used on more than one page!

Why is it useful? Well the obvious answer is that visitors stay on your website for longer, whereby improving your website’s conversion rate. Videos are also really positive for SEO, counting for your website’s rich quality content. Good, isn’t it?

Is it possible/applicable for SME’s? Of course it is. The costs of production have dropped significantly in the past few years, and the need to invest thousands of a contractor to do it for you, or be a video wizard yourself. Investing money in elements like this is all about R.O.I; everyone knows that (or why else are we investing?) But consider the following: Consider the following: make sure you’ve defined the audience you’re targeting and ensure that you keep message across you visitors. It’s all about the return. Ensure that your video’s message clear, concise and relevant to them. Don’t waste your time if it isn’t the best way to communicate your message, as there are probably far better ways of getting your message across.

Don’t neglect social media. It’s all well and good creating a video to promote products and services, and putting it on a website… after all, SEO is important. However, neglecting Social Media at this stage is a terrible mistake, and failure to promote your video on social media is simply wasted potential. This really should be done on multiple channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+… the lot!) as well as mobile.

What can Active Internet Marketing (UK) do for you? Funny you should ask. Have you been wondering how you can maximise your returns and conversions? We have our in-house team of video developers that can work with you to effectively promote your services through the method of video, which will results in sales off of the back of your video. Writing copy for your services is fine, and totally necessary, but communicating with a web video is far more effective in 95% of cases. Get in contact today to see what we can do for you!

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