The Immediate Benefits of a Mobile Website

16 March 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

As marketers, we know the huge benefits of getting clients to swap from their current website to a responsive design. The longterm enhancements are bound to make a positive difference to your clients online business; however it can be difficult to show any immediate changes to help persuade clients to make the jump.

We have come up with 3 immediate benefits of creating a mobile version of their website to help you approach clients with older websites.

Improved User Experience

Trying to use a standard website on a mobile device is difficult, as the user is constantly having to resize the screen in order to see the text and images, with the load time often being excruciatingly slow. Mobile websites, however, are designed specifically for different screen sizes and shapes, enhancing the browser experience for users on various mobile devices.

Lower Bounce Rates

74% of users say they will bounce if a mobile website takes over five seconds to load, therefore it is easy to see why having a fast-loading mobile version of your website can be extremely beneficial for your clients business. Faster download speeds of mobile-specific websites can lead to more visitor interaction with content and calls to action. A mobile-friendly site creates an atmosphere that encourages users to browse through multiple pages of the site on their device.

Increased Mobile Conversions

The above user benefits are more beneficial to your client if they ultimately lead to some type of user action. This action may be a contact form completion, coupon download, actual online purchase, or an in-store visit. With a properly optimised mobile version of your clients website accessible to potential clients, the opportunity exists to capitalise on in-store mobile searches, or those conducted directly at the point of sale. In these instances, users can access coupons or utilise QR codes, further increasing the chances of a conversion.

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