Web Design Agency in Bedford

At Active Internet Marketing (UK), we are a web design agency that believe in creating custom-made websites that specifically focus on our client’s needs. This is why we offer a free consultation followed by research for businesses in Bedford. We use multiple design elements to build the right website for you, having an in-depth understanding of your needs as well as your customer’s needs.


Understanding your business is the most significant part of our web design process; that way we can choose the most appropriate website to build for your business. We use many high quality web design applications, including Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce. In order to do this, it is significant to know what your customers are searching for as well as how we can go about taking the necessary actions to match their needs.



Because we are an experienced web design agency, we understand the importance of ensuring all our websites are responsive as standard, which means users can view your website effectively from any device on high functionality. Our team of in-house web developers and designers are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise, and can handle responsive web design for your business.


Unlike other web design agencies, we implement news feeds, responsive designs, 301 redirects, content management systems, cookie banners, complimentary blog posts, and onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This gives your business in Bedford a competitive advantage to meet your customer’s needs.


We are confident that our team of web developers and designers will generate high sales and increase internet conversions better than our competitors. Why not book your free consultation with us and receive a free quote? This free consultation will help us understand the needs of your business and customer audience. We concentrate on providing the best service for our customers in Bedford, by providing you with your very own web developer who will take care of your individual account. Please give us a call on 01234 604 031 or send us an email to info@activeinternetmarketing.co.uk.


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