How your website could be killing your conversion

16 July 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

We are a digital marketing company, so it is our job to improve our client’s online conversion. Obviously, having a team of digital marketing experts improving your website is a way to increase conversion, but there are steps that everyone can put in place themselves before seeking professional involvement. You can read more about this here.

Firstly (and I know we say this a lot) using social media correctly does have an enormous impact on your websites traffic. Nowadays, most companies are offering the option to sign up online using a social media account. 86% of website visitors are deterred by having to go through a registration process, whereas 77% are comfortable with social login options. Basically, customers are far more likely to purchase from your site if you let them sign up with their Facebook account.

Another downfall is that many companies lack a marketing strategy. Our clients report that email marketing campaigns are a good or excellent way of increasing their ROI. It helps more new leads closer to the point of closing sale. It’s another way to nurture relationships and keep your company at the front of everyone’s minds.

Make sure your calls to action are engaging. Use two words or less, so the customer knows exactly what’s going on. Being specific is better, adding just one word after the word ‘submit’ can boost conversion rates by 320%.

Having reviews and ratings on your website relating to your products and service is incredibly important when it comes to gaining and keeping customers. It shows that your customers trust you, and that is very attractive to potential customers.

Make sure your website loads quickly. As little as a two-second increase in page load time can reduce user satisfaction by 3.8%, increase lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and reduce clicks per page by 4.3%.

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