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The Objective

As high-end manufacturers of glass products, Cameo Glass approached us for an e-commerce website that could truly showcase the products that they offer. However, what started as Cameo Glass seeming to want to sell their products online, moved into us identifying that the ultimate goal was more sales, whether online or not. We were concerned that bespoke glass splashbacks and other high-end glass products were unlikely to sell online. We, therefore, needed to devise a strategy which would maximise sales potential whilst also allowing the client to try their hand at e-commerce for their glassware, with our support.

Our Strategy

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Because of the challenges of e-commerce for such a bespoke product, the website was built with local SEO specifications in mind, alongside the e-commerce elements. We were confident that we would drastically increase the footfall to the Cameo Glass showroom, resulting in increased profits. This allowed us to generate ROI whilst also testing the e-commerce market for the Cameo Glass product range.

Although traffic to the website accelerated greatly and we had strong conversions on contact forms, the sales were as we expected. Due to our forethought, Cameo Glass were able to easily pivot their strategy with us into a full local SEO plan, which was already well underway. We edited the website to remove the e-commerce elements so that we could align our focus to be on footfall with local SEO, a tactic that has proved continuously successful for the company.

The Results

Cameo Glass have experienced a marked increase in footfall to their beautiful showroom, resulting in a large increase in sales and in the variety of products that they sell. By focusing on highlighting the wonderful quality of their work and the ability to see this for yourself, we have identified core USPs for Cameo Glass and ensured that we captured their target markets for this.

Along with their increased profits, their website continues to grow in strength and be a suitable advertisement for the Cameo Glass products. In just the last 16 months, we have grown the Google impressions for Cameo Glass from around 800 a day to nearly 4000 a day.

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