Thomson Cruises are a part of the TUI Group, with decades of experience taking holiday makers all over the world on their luxury cruise line. Thomson Cruises are proud to be able to provide holidays to suit anyone, with more and more destinations being made available every year. They invest heavily in making sure that their ships are comfortable and cutting edge, even offering an all-inclusive drinks package as standard on the TUI Discovery. This means that when it comes to captivating their audience, Thomson Cruises have their own high standards to contend with.

Thomson Cruises believe that safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying their cruises. This is why, having successfully created and scripted internal videos for Thomson Cruises in the past, we were called upon to redesign and build an engaging video to inform passengers of the correct safety procedures on board the ships.

Working with the team at Thomson Cruises, we supported them through the process of creating a script that reflected all of the necessary safety information, whilst maintaining the Thomson tone throughout. It was important to everyone involved that Thomson could oversee the content of the script; we used our editorial skills to make sure that the piece flowed from point to point, proofreading and editing as needed.

Thomson Logo

Our lead designer and videographer used Adobe After Effects to create a colourful and informative video, using clever animation to maintain the viewer's interest throughout the piece. As a world leading organisation, Thomson Cruises needs to be sure that they are constantly providing their customers with the best service possible, whilst making sure they are represented correctly across the board. Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we specialise in providing bespoke animation that suits our client’s project perfectly, ensuring that each video is unique and professional.

Thanks to the success of our continued work with Thomson Cruises, we have built a long-lasting, professional relationship that can be continued into the future. We are constantly on hand to assist in any changes required, as well as offering our expert advice when needed.


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