London Decking Company

The London Decking Company are a dedicated and professional decking service, supplying London and the surrounding areas with beautiful, bespoke decking. With over 15 years of experience, The London Decking Company can aid with any project. Whether you are looking to add decking to a large area, or to purely make the most of the little space you have, their team of trained experts are sure to find the best solution for your needs. Specialising in the use of both timber and composite decking, they truly do offer something for everyone.

London Decking site design

When The London Decking Company joined us in September 2014, they already had a fully functioning website. However, they were looking to increase the amount of traffic they received as well as growing their online presence. Although their site is not e-commerce, there are several ways that potential customers can get in touch to place an order or request a consultation. It was our job to increase the number of visitors converting in these areas, ultimately growing their client base.

To do this we approached the task with an open mind, creating an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy that utilised on-site and off-site techniques. This involved us creating unique and relevant content to entice potential customers, as well as streamlining their online citations, amongst other elements. Through this plan, we were able to establish them as industry leaders in their field, helping to grow their business as well as their reputation.

London Decking Company Logo

We also began to introduce a social media strategy that reached across multiple platforms. We worked with their in-house team to establish a routine that benefitted them. By engaging through social media, we have managed to refer many customers to The London Decking Company website, who have in turn placed orders.

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we are passionate about engaging online users in a variety of different ways, which is why we have also introduced online video to The London Decking Company website. This was filmed on-site by our in-house videography team, and then edited to create a professional and effective video.

Thanks to all of the hard work we have done for The London Decking Company, we are in a really positive position when it comes to creating future campaigns. By reviewing our current results, we can see the areas that need improving or changing, as well as being able to note the techniques that have had outstanding results and we can therefore base future ideas on. We endeavour to keep in regular contact with the team at The London Decking Company, fine-tuning their strategies to make them as resourceful as possible.


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