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Flair Designer Wear is a business that has been trading since 1995, which prides itself in offering a wide range of women’s clothing in Towcester, Northamptonshire. They have the latest exclusive ranges of fashion brands from Gina Bacconi to Jorli, which is the only store in Towcester to sell this. They cater for almost any special occasion, selling mother of the bride outfits, beautiful evening dresses, trendy smart casual wear, and detailed prom dresses. We understand how important it is for the business to keep a close relationship with their customers, this is why we ensure that each task is carried out to a high standard.

Flair Designwear site design

Our initial consultation was great, since we were able to identify and discuss their problems in relation to their business. One of the problems that they had struggled with was not being able to attract new customers into the store. To counter this, we designed a brand new website for them, in which we were able to set calls to action to inform users about the store and encourage them to visit. Our main goal for Flair Designer Wear was to convert online visitors into in store customers, increasing footfall in their shop.

Flair Designerwear Logo

We first solved this problem by designing an entire brand new website for their business. They did not have a website before, so it was a great opportunity to create a brand new online experience from scratch. We are proud to have achieved a 99.8% increase in web users from 01/12/15 to 15/03/15 compared with the previous year.

We are constantly updating the website with new photos and industry-related blog posts, in order for their business to stay relevant. We have recently designed and added a new page to the website as well, where it has focused on celebrating their 20th year anniversary.

20 Year Anniversary

Here at Active Internet Marketing (UK), we also carry out a regular social media management schedule for Flair Designer Wear. Our social strategy was to encourage customers to visit the store with the knowledge that they will receive an excellent shopping experience. Our goal was to increase footfall into the shop, offer and promote excellent customer service, and maintain a brand advocate. Our social media management has enabled their loyal, returning customers to stay in connected with the business.

We have conducted a number of different campaigns throughout the year for Flair Designer Wear, where we engaged with seasonal events. An example of an Easter campaign that we have carried out was the #EggThemOn campaign, where customers had a chance to be featured in their blog post. This campaign focused on getting users to share a photo of them with us, explaining what makes their loved one worth celebrating. We carried this out since we wanted to create an engagement amongst customers using an emotional approach.

We are proud of the work that has been implemented for Flair Designer Wear so far, and we will continue to work on future campaigns to bring in new visitors to the store. We will strive to maintain a strong communication platform with them, in order to consistently meet their needs.


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