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Fairfield Supplies LTD are an extremely passionate company. They supply all manner of products for those in the equestrian and farming trades, and their extensive product knowledge and industry experience set them high above others in the business. Their stock of rubber matting is particularly impressive, as it is made from non-porous material with a focus on the wellbeing of the livestock. This is the case across their product range, making them both a skilled but also an ethical company to purchase from.

Fairfield site design

Fairfield Supplies LTD came to us after realising that they were not achieving a good ROI (Return on Investment). It was clear to us that their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was critically underperforming and subsequently having a negative impact on their business. Their products are of such high quality, and their knowledge so extensive. It became obvious that a complete website rebuild was needed in order to fully convey this to their website visitors. Once the website had been re-designed and re-written, we could then move on to social media campaigns, email campaigns, and more content-driven SEO techniques alongside our technical SEO.

Fairfield Logo

As the website did not effectively represent the products that Fairfield Supplies LTD were offering, our first step was to thoroughly research and understand the industry and products in order to then re-categorise them in a way that would create the best user experience. We were in regular contact with Fairfield Supplies LTD as our team worked tirelessly to rebuild the website and content, resulting in a clear and effective brand image for them. This, coupled with our extensive experience with campaigns and promotions, social media and blog posts, and SEO maintenance, meant that a continual process could be implemented to strengthen their web presence on an ongoing basis.

For such a passionate and specialised company, Active Internet Marketing (UK) will continue to provide an equally passionate and specialised service. It is important to us to keep in frequent contact with our clients, with regular meetings and reports. This ensures that as the Fairfield Park LTD business continues to grow and their online presence expands in visibility, we will be there to manage the growth and aid them in their next steps. By providing continual website maintenance, SEO checks, and content campaigns, we ensure that the results we have achieved continue to perpetuate, resulting in a flourishing business.


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