Bushmasters provide people with the opportunity to join them on extreme adventure trips. Based in Guyana, they run survival courses in the amazon jungle, on desert islands, and in the Arabian deserts. Bushmasters are keen to emphasise that their trips aren’t for the faint-hearted; they provide you with a genuine survival experience, with luxury accommodation and haute cuisine most certainly not included.

The Challenge

The company came to us in a bid to increase their social following, increase traffic to their website, and reach a wider international audience for their Guyana tourism services. We’ve worked closely with Bushmasters on many campaigns to help make that happen. Below, we take a look at how we’ve achieved those objectives through our ongoing SEO strategy.

We have run a number of successful social media campaigns for Bushmasters, and have succeeded in raising their number of Facebook likes to over 2000. Their Facebook page consistently reaches over 1000 people, and we always see excellent engagement from the posts posts we publish.


Increasing Traffic

As you can see from the graph, the overall picture for Bushmasters’ online traffic has improved dramatically throughout the year that we’ve been working with them. A comparison we ran at the start of August 2017 with the site’s traffic from a year earlier represents the superb effect our work has had.

There has been an increase of 31.12% in the number of visits to the website, while the number of different people on the site has also increased by 34.06%. Both of these figures demonstrate the significant effect of our work in terms of traffic.

In addition, the average session duration has risen by almost 20%, meaning users are spending far longer on the website than they previously had been; this trend is also reflected in the 9.19% decrease in Bushmasters’ bounce rate.

At this stage, there are also a number of outstanding examples of how our work has helped increase Bushmasters’ international traffic.

Russian Traffic

Traffic in Russia has increased by 633.33%

Mexican Traffic

Traffic in Mexico has increased by 800%

Canadian Traffic

Traffic in Canada has increased by 54.24%

The Ongoing Strategy

As part of our ongoing SEO strategy for Bushmasters, we are constantly producing engaging content for their website, whether through their “latest news” section or as part of their “survival stories” collection. We continue to see an increase in their Facebook following every month, and are extremely excited about their prospects moving forward.

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