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A J Scutchings and Son are a roofing company with over 35 years of experience in the business. They specialise in working on prestigious and beautiful properties, many of them grade listed. As a company that works with heritage properties, their quality of production is always exceptional. Offering both aluminium and lead iron guttering, they can help the customer make the right choice for their unique building. A J Scutchings and Son also offer a lead roofing service, and even work with architects on the design of new projects. With their specialist knowledge in the maintenance of protected buildings combined with this industry-leading expertise in the construction of new buildings, A J Scutchings and Son are truly exceptional in their field.

AJ site design

When we first met A J Scutchings and Son in May 2015, they were well established as a business but struggling to see that match up with their online traffic. As part of such a niche industry, it’s vitally important that people could find A J Scutching and Son when using a search engine. Also, they expressed that they wanted to make sure that those looking for care of older properties such as listed buildings could easily find them in the area. It was clear that we needed to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the company, with a focus on localised, out-of-area SEO to ensure they could reach the right people.

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Since we first met, we have built and launched a brand new website for A J Scutchings and Son, including all new written content. We built and wrote the content for the website with our specific SEO goals in mind. We also developed the testimonials section on their website in order to highlight to visitors just what their business entails, showcasing their unique and highly-skilled service. It has now been nearly a year since we first launched the brand new A J Scutchings and Son’s website, and we could not be prouder of the results.

There has been over 100% improvement on the pages visited per sessions on the website.

We have seen over 200% improvement on the session durations.

Our elegant and professional website design, seamlessly matching the ethos and tone of the business, continues to strengthen their brand.

We now run A J Scutchings and Sons’ social media on an ongoing basis, provide consistent blog postings to optimise their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as well as continuing to conduct follow-up meetings to ensure that we are always providing a high level of service, tailored to their needs. A J Scutchings and Son consistently now rank well within their keyword matches and this will only get better as we now focus even more intently on optimising their search rankings in the Midlands and London through our local SEO techniques.


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