Abbeytown Builders

Abbeytown Ltd. are part of a long established London estate agency. They are premium specialists in both the building and development of astounding properties in the North and North West London area. Abbeytown Ltd. are registered with the NHBC and put a strong emphasis on ensuring all of their homes are built with an eco-friendly design, to the Code 3 for Sustainable Homes. Because of the extremely high level of pride that Abbeytown Builders hold in what they do, you are always guaranteed excellence in the craftsmanship and quality of each individual home.

Abbeytown site design

Although Abbeytown Builders were part of an established, successful company, they did not have their own website set up. As Active Internet Marketing (UK) has such a skilled team of web developers, it was a wonderful opportunity for both companies to work together on a bespoke, beautiful new website design. We put with Abbeytown Builders, first for a free consultation and then ongoing, to ensure that we fully understood their vision and goals and could implement all of that into their new website.

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Look & Feel

Having no prior website for Abbeytown Builder’s meant that our team could employ all of their creativity in designing a brand new, bespoke site. We took over the hosting of it, as well as the email, and began to build a website that not only showcased their beautiful work but also allowed the visitor to purchase any of their available properties. As the company produces properties of such a high visual quality, it was imperative that the website reflected this. This allowed our web developers the opportunity to develop a site that had a high focus on the visual design, resulting in a stunning product. However, at Active Internet Marketing (UK) we understand the equal importance of content. This is why we worked together with Abbeytown Ltd. to produce engaging, informative, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focused wording for their brand new website.

We continue to host the website for Abbeytown Ltd and provide any help and support that they may need. As with all of our clients, we are consistently on-hand even after the completion of any project.


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