Why you can’t afford to ignore Google Plus any longer

23 July 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

So many of us have been sneakily avoiding the little red G that has been haunting the internet for the past few years. Google Plus is Google’s answer to Facebook and LinkedIn, an awesome combination of social and professional interactions all in one place. If you still haven’t taken the plunge, here is a list of reasons why we incorporated Google Plus into our social media schedule.

Considering Google is the most widely used search engine EVER, it makes sense that having a strong Google Plus presence directly correlates to stronger search engine recognition. Whilst it can’t replace a solid SEO strategy, it certainly enhances your efforts.

Google Plus also allows you to claim authorship of your original content pieces. This keeps your written pieces valuable and accredited to you. What’s more is that links and referrals will be weighted based on who they come from instead of where they’re posted. Basically, claiming authorship gives you credibility and power.

By joining Google Plus now, you will be joining during a large period of growth. More people are spending longer on Google Plus today than they were in February, meaning you have opportunity to network with a wider range of individuals and companies.

Finally, Google Plus is on track to over take Twitter as the world second largest social media site. By getting your hand in now and getting to grips with the way it works, you will be on track to grow with their platform. 

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