Why People Shop Online and how to Utilise Their Retail Habits

22 January 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

Last year’s Black Friday weekend was proof that the majority of shoppers are turning to the internet in search of the best offers and deals on products and services. A record breaking £1.1bn was spent online on Black Friday alone, with the crowds of 2014’s sales heading to their laptops to find the best deals in the 2015 event.

The online market is continually growing, and in order to take advantage of this we must first understand why consumers shop online. We have put together a brief guide as to what makes the online shopper tick, helping you to perfect your online marketing strategy.

  • Comparing products easily.
    One of the most beneficial reasons that people shop online is that they can compare the quality and price of similar products without having to wander from shop to shop. If your potential customers are looking for further information on your services, be sure to provide it early in the buying cycle. Don’t only target buyers that are looking to buy now, look to connect earlier with those who are still researching.
  • Better prices.
    Many shoppers are now using a hybrid system of searching out their purchases in physical shops before heading to the internet to find the best price. If you have the means to offer aggressive pricing, you can capture bargain hunters. Discuss the potential for adding a ‘deal of the day’ to your website to help pull in those internet scourers. If you offer a service, why not introduce a free trial, an free initial consultation or a report?
  • Reviews.
    Shoppers regard product reviews as one of the most import reasons that they shop online, and why they pick certain products over others. In other words, if you want consumers to purchase with you, you have to prove that others have bought and enjoyed your products. Consider introducing a reviews and ratings system for your products and services, displaying it prominently on the product detail page.
  • Time saving.
    The only rival to money nowadays is time, and saving time is often cited above saving on price as a reason for shopping online. When shopping online, we choose to sacrifice the instant gratification of buying a product in store to benefit from the time we saved. In order to make the most of this attitude, make sure your online checkout is as streamlined as possible helping customers make payments quickly and easily. Offer a range of delivery speeds including next day delivery that allows customers to receive their product as quickly as possible.

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