The Magic of Brand Storytelling

04 February 2016
Published: By: Becky Dudley

The power of storytelling is now being used in small and big businesses as a way to promote their business. It is a way to engage with customers in a new, fun and vibrant way. With the enormous growth in social media and content marketing, telling stories has been part of a strong strategic priority amongst businesses. We have provided the secrets behind the magic of storytelling and how it can help build your business’s brand.


1. Stories Provide Experiences


Nothing can replace a story with experience, where it can leave a remarkable impression. You are able to hit their hearts rather than their minds, without the need of displaying facts and figures, but more of an irreplaceable experience.


2. Stories Create Uniqueness


Competitors cannot copy your brand, because it is original and every little detail has a unique story behind it. Details such as how your brand came about and how it helped shape your product or service will have its very own uniqueness to it.


3. Stories Create Emotional Connection


It is the strong emotional connection that really drives traffic to your business, since it involves more of the heart rather than the mind. It builds a strong enough bond for these customers to not leave your business.


4. Stories Are Shared


Sharing on social media couldn’t be any easier, where it can be implemented just by one simple click. As consumers, we share stories about products and services to our friends and family on a regular basis.


5. Stories Help Achieve Your Goals


Storytelling can point you in the right direction towards your goal. This storytelling allows you to make a big speech about your product and service, creating value on social media.


6. Stories Create Meaning


Any good marketer will create meaning for their customer audience and serves a purpose for their customers. It doesn’t only write content based on facts and figures, but tells a story that is more effective.


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