The Introduction of Instagram’s New Algorithm: The End of the Eternal Scroll?

13 April 2016
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

The Introduction of Instagram’s New Algorithm: The End of the Eternal Scroll?

Instagram Announced last month that it would be slowly introducing a new algorithm into the workings of our beloved Instagram. The initial concept of Instagram was to provide a place for people to share images to their followers freely, without comparison between users popularity. Images were shown on your Instagram home screen in the order they were published, meaning you had to scroll in order to view older images. However, alongside other influencers like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has also crossed to the dark side, and taken responsibility for showing users what it thinks you like, or should like.

The logic behind the move is sound. With more and more people using Instagram, it is easy to miss posts from those who are close to you in your day to day lives. The aim is that Instagram’s new algorithm will identify the people you are most interested in, based on your behaviour on the app, and tailor your newsfeed to make sure that you never miss posts from your favourite celebrities, best friends and family members.

However, there has been a lot of objection to this from users and brands alike. You may recall that there was an uproar when it came out that we only see 6% of the information on our Facebook timelines, with one of the main appeals of Instagram being that it was an unbiased way of viewing information. The worry is that these social algorithms have the power to manipulate and shape our preferences, influencing our online behaviour.

There are benefits to the implementation, if you play your cards right. The algorithm is meant to help whittle out accounts with paid for followers from our timelines, giving those with genuine authority and popularity the chance to shine. This means that being active and interactive on your account is more important than ever if you don’t want your account to slip to the bottom of the pile.

If you are worried about the implications the new algorithm update will have on your business, then make sure that you are driving your traffic into channels that you have control over. This primarily refers to your email list, as it is the only database that you have control over entirely. Use social media to grow your email list, then utilise this to grow and promote your business at your own pace.


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