Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaigns of 2014

20 November 2014
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

With summer not so far behind us, we often see the supermarket shelves change almost immediately, packing themselves with the latest festive goods whilst brands prepare themselves for Christmas campaign launch.

And what does this mean in terms of Marketing? The obvious answer is seasonal success, and it happens every year. The typically fickle and budgeting consumer is waiting to be dazzled with brand new engaging content, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it’s usually the same brands that have national success every year. If I asked you to list three Christmas campaigns, your mind, along with everyone else’s, will jump straight to the market leaders – and that proves that their work is successful! Just incase you’ve been living in a cave since birth, here are some of those brands:

Coca Cola
Of course it’s Coca Cola, and at the top of the list. The advert that consumers actively look out for at Christmas time, the Coca Cola Christmas 18-Wheelers pulling through the small Christmassy village inspire annual feelings of warmth and Christmas spirit. So why is it so popular? For many reasons!

Users flock to Social Media upon seeing the advert for the first time, and we’ve all seen this happening, with a sentence resembling the knowledge that ‘it’s not officially Christmas until the Coca Cola advert comes on’. Coca Cola love this, because after years of work, this has become an annual treat for consumers. Not to mention that it’s extra publicity for a product that’s available throughout the year? Either way, this campaign has inspired a 45-stop tour of the UK while gaining and growing its popularity on the Twitter hash tag #HolidaysAreComing, making for excellent customer engagement – well, Coca Cola have 2.75million followers on Twitter alone!

Starbucks, the controversial coffee giant, is so well known for its seasonal coffee drinks, the most popular being the Halloween-themed Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL among friends), with a twitter account holding an exceptional 93.4k followers… for a drink! Their tact doesn’t stop there, however. I think it would only be fair to say that the PSL is one of the best Seasonal Marketing campaigns in existence, and from a company with a truly exceptional Marketing strategy.

So why does it work so well for them? They’re a time-loved giant brand with an extremely loyal consumer base, and I feel confident in saying that they could bring out any drink and it would be instantly accepted and talked about. Their massive presence, compared to smaller competitors (in the US and UK alike) is just exceptional!

One of the biggest hits to British Television this year (in my mind at least) is the Sainsbury’s Christmas Truce commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend that you watch it. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, this advert forgets all of the selfishness and materialistic values of Christmas Marketing, and focuses on the value of the principle that ‘Christmas is for sharing’, as per its slogan.

Touching the hearts of viewers nationwide, it makes all (as it did me) reflect on happiness and the true values of the Christmas holiday, as it creatively and inspirationally markets one of the most iconic values of the first world war – The Christmas Truce of 1914, in which it was said that Christmas as a celebration was enough to come between two fighting enemies and bring them together – for only a day or two – to spend time with others. It has inspired mixed feelings from consumers, about using tragic historical events to promote and market their products, but others would disagree.

This video shows Humanity at its strongest, the true power of sharing, and all in such an effective way that it hit over 10 million views on YouTube in its first 8 days online. No matter how distasteful some may say it is, it can’t be denied that it inspires some original Christmas feeling; which is exactly why brands market at Christmas. Ergo, mission successful.

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