Steps to Improving your Domain Authority

07 December 2015
Published: By: Chloe Mayo

There are many elements that make up a successful, ranking website. Having a high domain authority is something that online businesses strive for, as it brings with it top search engine ranking and strong traffic. However, there are many elements that need to come together in order to reach these high authorities.

Ensure that all of your technical SEO is in place. It is really important to have a solid foundation when it comes to improving your domain authority. This means mapping out your URL structure, ensuring that your meta data, keywords, alt tags and word counts are all in place and up to scratch. These little changes can go a long way, and by making sure that your website has a solid base is an effective way of helping your domain authority to grow.

It is important to create lots of linkable content. Content that your readers will link to from their social media or their own websites. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you are posting regular articles on your website. It is not purely quantity that improves your domain authority, but mainly the quality of the content, and the relevance of the keywords to the topic of your piece. Make sure that you tell your readers what you offer, rather than promising them the world and then failing to deliver.

It is also important to have strong internal links on your website. This is something that is regularly overlooked by website owners in favour of outbound links. However, it is a lot easier to create internal links than it is to gain external links to your website. Internal links benefit not only you, but search engines that crawl and index your site. Your website appears stronger and less shakable if you have a lot of internal links.

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